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Glisten: Reclaiming Sexuality After Trauma Group (18+)

A five-session online group about reclaiming sexual pleasure as part of healing after traumatic sexual experiences.


Glisten is open to participants 18 years of age or older, and of all genders and sexuality. The group is designed to complement the healing journey of participants who have traumatic sexual experiences and will involve expanding knowledge about sexuality, and awareness of how past traumatic experiences can show up in the current day. A range of practical skills and techniques will be incorporated in the group sessions to help people on their path to healing.

We will be talking in depth about consent, sexuality, and the concept of trauma, so some of the content may be difficult for some people. We encourage participants to attend the group sessions with flexibility and willingness to explore difficult topics as part of their healing.

Glisten is a queer, trans, asexual, aromantic, and First Nations inclusive space.







Bookings will be closed to new participants after the first session.


Each online session commences at 5:30pm (AEST) and runs for 2-hours


To get the most from the group, participants are encouraged to attend all five sessions, and our fees have been structured to support this commitment:

All five sessions:      $475 – save $125

Session-by-session: $120 / session

Self- and plan-managed NDIS participants may use their Capacity Building supports for the Glisten group.

Your Facilitators

Carla Jones

Carla Jones

Provisional Psychologist and
Psychosexual Therapist

Dae Bailey

Registered Psychologist

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