COVID-19 Information (Updated April 2022)

Your Appointments & Your Health

To reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to protect vulnerable members of the community, the Queensland Government has mandated the wearing of masks in healthcare settings, which includes psychology practices.


When attending your face-to-face session at Haven Psychology, you are required to wear a mask when you enter our practice and while you wait for your appointment. Once you are in your session, please check with your clinician if it is appropriate to retain or remove your mask. You do not need a mask to access the foyer, carpark, lift, and walkways of the building where our practice is located.


What can you (and we) do to reduce the risk of infection?

We are committed to ensuring our team are healthy when they are at work. We are equally committed to reducing your risk of exposure to illness while attending your appointments with us.


We are following Department of Health guidelines around hygiene and encourage you to do the same:

  • Stay home if you are sick
  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, get tested
  • Stay 1.5 metres away from other people—think two big steps
  • Wash your hands often, using soap and water or hand sanitiser
  • Sneeze or cough into your arm or a tissue. Then put the tissue in the bin
  • Wear a face mask when attending your face-to-face session, and in places where you can’t maintain 1.5m of social distancing
  • Get vaccinated


What if I have symptoms or am COVID positive?

Do not attend your face-to-face if you have symptoms or if you have received a positive result from a COVID test. Please contact us and you will be offered telehealth (online video or phone sessions) options as an alternative to cancelling.


Our admin team can step you through connecting to video if you’re uncertain. It’s as simple as clicking a link in an email!


Covid Safe

What if my clinician is quarantined, in isolation, or has symptoms?

Our clinicians are experienced at offering sessions via telehealth. If your clinician is isolated, in quarantine, or has COVID-19 symptoms, but is well enough to conduct sessions, you will be offered a telephone or video consultation.


How are telehealth sessions charged? 

Sessions fees are charged at our normal rates for telehealth sessions. Medicare rebates are available for telehealth sessions with a referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan. NDIS clients will be charged the same fee for supports under their plan, and for private health clients, please check with your insurer to see if you can access a rebate under these circumstances. 


Our cancellation policy

Please follow our usual policy for cancellations and give at least 48 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 


Where more than 48 hours’ notice is given, there will be no cancellation fee charged. If you are unwell and cannot give 48 hours’ notice, please call us as soon as you can. We are happy to discuss waiving the cancellation fee due to illness, however we ask that you please give as much notice as possible, as we have other clients desperately waiting for appointments.


Please be sure to call us on 07 3368 1537 or here if you have any questions or concerns.