COVID-19 Update

Your Appointments & Your Health

In the wake of community concerns around Covid-19 we’re keen to support you to feel confident to maintain your focus on your mental health and continue to access the support you’re used to receiving from us.


We are committed to ensuring our team are healthy when they are at work. We are equally committed to reducing your risk of exposure to illness while attending your appointments with us.

We are following Department of Health guidelines around hygiene and encourage you to do the same:
* Cough into your elbow
* Throw away soiled tissues
* Wash hands for a minimum 20 seconds regularly, or use hand sanitiser often
* Stay home if you are unwell

We are ensuring team members remain at home if they are unwell.

Likewise, we ask that you reschedule your appointments with us at the first sign of ill-health.


Please follow our usual policy for cancellations and give at least 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Where more than 24 hours’ notice is given there will be no cancellation fee charged. If you are unwell and can not give 24 hours’ notice, please call us as soon as you can. We are happy to discuss waiving the cancellation fee during the current crisis if you are unwell, however we ask that you please give as much notice as possible, as we have other clients desperately waiting for appointments.


WHAT IF MY CLINICIAN IS ISOLATED But Well Enough to Run My Session?
Our clinicians are experienced at offering sessions via telephone or Zoom (online video sessions). If your clinician is isolated, but well enough to conduct sessions, you will be offered a telephone or Zoom consultation.


WHAT IF I’M ISOLATED But Well Enough to Have My Session?
If you need to cancel your appointment due to isolation, you will be offered Zoom or telephone options as an alternative to cancelling. Our admin team can step you through connecting to Zoom if you’re uncertain. It’s as simple as clicking a link in an email!


Sessions fees cover the time spent with your clinician. Therefore we charge our normal fee for Zoom/telephone sessions. Check with your private health insurer to see if you can access a rebate under these circumstances. If your session is funded by your employer or another third party, your normal arrangements should apply. Ask our admin team if you’re unsure.


The government has recently announced a new Medicare Item for those diagnosed with Covid-19 and those in high-risk populations. We are still awaiting more details on this initiative. Please ask our admin team if you think you are eligible.


Clients in rural and remote locations may also be eligible for a Medicare rebate for Telehealth (online/Zoom) sessions. Please ask our admin team if you think you are eligible.


Meanwhile, please stay as healthy as you can, don’t neglect your mental health, and above all, don’t panic.


Please be sure to call us on 07 3368 1537 if you have any concerns.

Best wishes from all of us at Haven Psychology.